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John Gabbard Denounces DCCC/SEIU Campaign Effort Using Him in 48th Congressional District Race


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Blasts Use of Robocallers as More Beltway Trickery

LAGUNA BEACH, CA – (June 1, 2018) – John Gabbard, a former U.S. Marine officer, builder and small business owner, blasted a surreptitious $140,000 last-ditch effort by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to use his candidacy in an effort to save failing Democratic campaigns in the 48th Congressional District with an ad campaign utilizing automated robocalls he has denounced during his campaign.

“I promised the voters in the 48th district this campaign would focus on them and the issues we face.  I also promised that I would never subject them to robocalls and I kept that promise, but the DCCC has seen fit to impose this obnoxious tactic with a last-ditch effort to save the floundering campaigns of the Democratic candidates that will be shut out of the general election after June 5th,” Gabbard said. “The DCCC machine is bringing its classic unethical tricks from the swamp in Washington to the shores of Orange County. Much like their calls to impeach the President, this is another example of the Democrats resorting to parlor tricks because they have nothing left to give to the American people. No wonder the Democratic Party is failing.”

Recent federal campaign finance reporting disclosed expenditures by the DCCC/SEIU totaling almost $140,000 in advertising and phone banking in support of Gabbard’s campaign.

Gabbard has campaigned by emphasizing his long ties to the district and key issues he wanted to tackle including boosting the economy and job growth, supporting tax reform, fighting sanctuary states, opposing offshore oil drilling and plans to store spent radioactive fuel at the closed San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, as well as address long-running complaints about noise pollution from commercial flights operating out of Long Beach and John Wayne International airports.

Besides the promise not to use robocalling, a practice widely detested by voters, Gabbard has also pushed hard at the need for federal term limits, including a 12-year limit for representatives to weaken the special interests that dominate Washington, DC now. 

“I’m a political outsider and my introduction to politics now includes this effort by the Democratic party to not run on its ideas, but instead use dirty tricks in an effort to confuse voters,” Gabbard added. “I have personally walked virtually this entire district every day since the middle of March and met thousands of people who have real every-day problems and concerns such as crime, job security and trying to grow their small businesses. If the Democratic party bosses in Washington can’t talk about the issues concerning voters in this district, then they need to stay out of this race.”

After serving in the Marine Corps and being honorably discharged with the rank of Major, Gabbard worked in the homebuilding industry, where he successfully bought, entitled or developed over 20,000 homes throughout the 48th District and California, giving him a first-hand view on the impact of burdensome regulations in crushing housing affordability and availability of new housing.

He earned his master’s in business administration from the University of Southern California and is married to Renee Gabbard with two children. Renee is a breast cancer survivor and John’s mother, Susan, a nurse, lost her battle with breast cancer in 1994, which has made women’s health a cornerstone of his campaign.

John Gabbard is a running for the 48th Congressional District which stretches across a diverse part of Orange County, California and encompasses the communities of Huntington Beach, Seal Beach, Sunset Beach, Midway City and reaches down the coast to Laguna Niguel. For more information, please go to or on Facebook @JohnGabbardforCongress and Twitter @GabbardCongress.

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