California’s 48th Congressional District Candidate

Just Say "No" to Offshore Drilling in CA

California has moved on from additional oil exploration on our coast. The risks to our coast and the environment are simply too high. Californians are focused on renewable energy technology which I support. I strongly oppose oil drilling off the California coast and will fight vigorously against it. I will not leave Secretary Zinke alone until California is exempt from off shore drilling.

30 Years is Too Long, We Need Term Limits

Term limits for Congress are long overdue and it is time to drain the swamp. This race has its share of career politicians and political insiders and we have seen where they have taken our country. As an outsider, I will work for you not any special interest. No Member of Congress should serve more than 12 years in Washington, D.C. and I will abide by that limit if elected.

Russia and Protecting Our Democracy

Vladimir Putin’s Russia is a serious threat to American national security. Whether it is invading other countries, meddling in our elections or poisoning political opponents, Putin’s Russia is a menace to America and all countries who respect liberty, freedom and human rights. We should use hardline economic sanctions to punish their military aggression and meddling in domestic politics.

Support for Tax Reform

I would have voted for the Republican tax reform law. Our old tax code was too complex and so restrictive that it impeded economic growth. Simply, it was impossible to understand. Now we are seeing across the country people bringing more money home in their paychecks and corporations bringing back trillions of dollars into our economy. There is still work to do on tax reform. Portions of the law will require amendments in the next year. We will need someone in Washington who will fight for you and not a special interest.

Donation and Transparency Pledge

Some of my opponents have stockpiled hundreds of thousands of dollars of other people’s money for years to run for this office. It just feels corrupt and catering to lobbyist and special interest. My pledge to my donors and the people of our district is that at the end of this campaign, win or lose, I will post on this website the total donations and the itemized expenses and send the balance back to my donors before the end of 2018. For donations under $5, the balance will be donated to charities supporting veteran’s issues with a Charity Navigator 4 Star rating. If we cannot find one, we will start one. This campaign is about public service not self-important politicians.