California’s 48th Congressional District Candidate

A Lifetime of Service and Leadership

John was born in Kokomo, Ind., and has been blessed to live the American Dream in the 48th. He is the son of Eugene, a factory supervisor and Vietnam/Desert Storm Marine who served for 34 years, and Susan, a nurse who lost her battle with breast cancer in 1994. Growing up in the Midwest, John was raised on the importance of faith, hard work, service, family and helping your neighbor.

John enlisted in the Marine Corps Reserve while attending Wilmington College in Delaware. He rose through the ranks, quickly being meritoriously promoted to Private First Class, Corporal and Sergeant. Upon graduation with a Bachelor’s degree, Magna Cum Laude, John was commissioned as an officer in the Marines. John served with some of the finest young men and women in the country as an Engineer Platoon and Company Commander, and a Battalion Operations Officer.

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