California’s 48th Congressional District Candidate

A Builder and Small Business Owner

John worked his way through college as a project manager for a custom homebuilder in Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania and as a Plan Examiner for a local County Building Department. In that work he found that he enjoyed helping families build their American dreams. After leaving the Marine Corps, John worked for a number of publicly traded homebuilders as a land acquisition, entitlement and development executive where he successfully bought, entitled or developed over 20,000 homes throughout the 48th District and California. He has negotiated land purchases with sophisticated large corporations and smart brothers and sisters managing their parent’s estate. John has navigated the labyrinth of housing regulations in California from CEQA environmental reports, and Subdivision Map Act requirements while leading vast teams of scientists, engineers, planners and lawyers. He has also experienced the every-day struggle of getting a simple plumbing permit. John has developed multiple large master planned communities with $1 billion land and development budgets and he has rolled up his sleeves and jumped into the dirt with his crews to get a job done. Today, John is a successful real estate investor in Laguna Beach where one day he may be running a financial model for a new project and the next, hanging from a ladder with his carpenters installing a beam. John literally will do whatever it takes in business and whatever it takes for the 48th District.

With an MBA from the Marshall School of Business at USC, John knows the details, how to get people to agree, and how to fight through bureaucracy to take care of you and those you love.


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